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Validity of The Wonderlic

by Alendrial(A Business Development Manager)

My company didn't introduce the Wonderlic until after my 2nd full phone interview, but before calling me in for a full day of face to face interviews. I was applying for an entry level cold calling position at a tech company, and needless to say I was a bit thrown off when I was asked to go online within 24 hours and take a timed test.

I only spend 3 weeks at home in between leases after college, but of course this test fell during those 3 weeks. Part way through the test my father began to yell through the door various questions, completely distracting me. I was unsatisfied with my results as I only got to about 40 of the 50 questions and was certain I could have finished had I not been interrupter.

When I went in for my interview I was even more surprised. Our HR Recruitment person told me that normally the Wonderlic scores either a "Black" or a "White" but I scored "Grey". I was asked to take the test again in person under moderation. I asked for a piece of scratch paper (being a math major had made me a little used to using scratch paper during tests.) At first I was denied paper, until I demanded scratch paper to take the test.

After a full day of interviews including one that lasted 3-4 hours I walked away completely confused and weary. I never found out my score, nor did I find out what my original internet score was... I did learn that I was the only person hired who was required to take the test twice.

My Career progressed quickly with the company including 5 promotions in my first 4 years. I am still with the company today and couldn't be happier, but sometimes do question the validity of the Wonderlic. Years later I found out from a friend who used to work in HR that if you score "grey" at my company it is sent to the hiring manager who makes a decision on the spot whether to re-test or just reject the person. Thankfully my hiring manager wanted to meet me in person, and re-tested, which is extremely rare.

I will never vouch for this test and will never take my employee's scores into consideration. I have taken many aptitude tests over the years, including a professional IQ test as well as the Army Entrance Exams. I have an IQ of 147 and scored high enough on the Army exams to qualify for military intelligence, and yet the Wonderlic said I didn't have the propensity to do an entry level cold calling position. I should probably also mention that I went to school on the provost scholarship and tested very well on ever entrance exam as well.

Since working for my company I have always been considered a top employee, while in sales a top quota achiever, and extremely intelligent. The Wonderlic does not test someones ability to succeed in the work place and should be left to the NFL if they're so fond of it.

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Validity of The Wonderlic

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Apr 12, 2011
RE: Really
by: Business Development Manager

Yes, 147 whether you like it or not it was a professionally administered test by a someone certified to administer IQ tests. You can disagree with me on the validity of the Wonderlic, but you can't argue with the results of repeated IQ tests that lasted a lot longer than 30 minutes. As for MENSA, it's a group for lonely people who can't make friends on their own. I, and most of my friends, qualify for MENSA and choose not to participate, so their recognition of a career aptitude test doesn't mean very much.

What's sad is that you missed the real point I was trying to make about the Wonderlic, and that is that while nearly "failing" this test, I have gone to be consistently top-ranked within my company, with recognition from my industry. My IQ doesn't really matter in the end, which probably hits a lot closer to the issue of the Wonderlic in general. My intelligence isn't in question, nor is the speed at which someone can perform basic arithmetic a good gauge of intelligence. I'll hire the person who can adequately debate with me about whether numbers really exist or not, before I'd put any weight into the Wonderlic.

Apr 12, 2011
147? Really?
by: Thomas San Roman

The Wonderlic is an acceptable IQ test. It is accepted by Intertel which is the society above MENSA for IQ. It takes the top one percent of the population. I am sorry if you were interrupted but, with an IQ of 147 as you claim, you wouldn't need scratch paper for those math questions and nor would you have run out of time. My IQ pegs in at around 140. This was my Weshcler score and is comparable to my Stanford Binet score. I got a 40 on the wonderlic and finished with 3 minutes left. The wonderlic score does not necessarily reflect how many you got right; it is a combination of how quickly and accurately you respond. As far as military intelligence, I have friends that also qualified for military intelligence simply based on their asvab scores and had IQs pegged between 115 and 130. You should have blown through those 50 questions in like 6-7 minutes with a supposed IQ of 147. It is a valid test and should be utilitzed wherever employees look to weed out lesser candidates.

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