Pre Employment Screening Tests

Pre employment screening tests are becoming more and more common these days and literally thousands of employers utilize this process as part of their hiring procedure. These tests can be very useful in providing valuable information about prospective employees to an employer. Providers of these pre employment screening tests can gear their questionnaires at various areas of concern. Their tests can include all the areas or only the ones that the employer feels meets their requirements.

Personality Tests

Every company is different in some way to their approach to hiring. They tend to look for different things in the employment process. That is why providers of these services have found that it is imperative to have numerous categories prepared for them to choose from. Some tests are geared towards Personality. These tests are designed to see how well the prospective employee will relate to his or her desired position. This test does not require the typical correct or incorrect response. The answers the applicant provides will simply give the employer a road map to their emotional adaptation to the possible job environment.

Aptitude Tests

This test is geared towards examining the prospective employees ability to adhere to the responsibilities of their desired position. This allows the employer to gather valuable information on your ability to communicate verbally with those around you. It also provides them ample opportunity to observe your writing skills. The employees ability to reason and associate with things numerically are also examined. This should not be confused with a skills test. This test is geared towards anticipating what the employee would be capable of if they complete a training process. It is not geared as much towards the skills they already obtain.

Skills Tests

Various studies have determined that around two thirds of employers today introduce some type of skills questionnaire in their hiring process. This test is geared towards one primary concern. It is meant to provide the employer with the key skills obtained by the prospective employee in the position they are applying for. These tests vary in accordance with the skill field. They are designed to establish the ability of a prospective employee to do what they say they can do.

Drugs Tests

Just about any major company today will require some type of drug test. No, it is not a test to see how much the prospective employee knows about various drugs. This is a medical test administered to the prospective employee that will determine what, if any, drugs they have been using. The desire for many companies to provide a drug free work environment for their employees and customers has became a business essentiality. If some companies do not require a drug test than they will normally demand it if an employee is hurt on the job. Drug and alcohol related accidents on the job are entirely too common which leads most employers to administer this test as part of the pre employment process.

Honesty With Integrity

It would be awesome if this test was not required but unfortunately there are many dishonest people out there without an ounce of integrity. This test is geared towards establishing the prospective employees ability to be trusted in certain situations. The test will typically provide questions that will present what an employee might do in various workplace conditions. The questions are meant to catch prospective employees in a lie. It is a valuable tool in which to examine ethics and behavior patterns.

Pre Employment Screening Tests: The Summary

These tests are utilized quite often in the business community. Although they are popular there are those who question their effectiveness. Many times some prospective employees will simply say what the employee wants to hear. Overall most of these tests cannot be cheated on easily. The information they provide is mostly productive and over rides the negatives. The pre employment screening tests are here to stay.

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