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Taking a free personality career test is fun and gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and a different perspective you may not have recognized before. There are literally hundreds of free personality career tests available to you online. Do not take them too seriously, but you can certainly get a lot of benefit out of seeing yourself as you truly are.

These days, more and more, people are taking online personality tests to help them make career choices. Online career tests are quick and easy to complete. They give you a good idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are in regards to personal skills, knowledge and your believes. In the light of the questionnaire, you receive a report that makes career recommendations based on your answers.

Samples of Typical Personality Career Test Questions

Have you ever wondered what to expect when taking a free personality career test? Here are some samples of typical questions to measure your personality:

1. Are you mostly a?

a. cool-hearted person

b. warm-hearted person

2. Can you?

a. speak easily with people you have never met before

b. find it difficult communicating with strangers

3. Which of the following nouns best describes your personality?

a. practical

b. harmonious

c. analytical

d. diverse

4. Which of the following makes you the most uncomfortable in a working environment?

a. repetitive, boring tasks

b. working alone

c. clearly structured and defined work

d. unstructured work with unclear operating procedures

5. Which of the following makes you happiest?

a. contributing to the overall success of the company

b. helping others to reach their full potential

c. devising strategies for the long-term future of the organization

d. bringing fun and happiness into the work environment.

6. Which of the following best describes the structure of your ideal career?

a. action and adventure

b. order and structure

c. compassion and kindness

d. achievement and success

7. Which of the following do you consider to be the best approach when interacting with people?

a. I like to be sensitive to people’s needs.

b. I like to keep it impersonal and stay impartial.

8. Which of the following do you value when problem-solving?

a. learning from past experience

b. doing what it takes to succeed

c. fairness and equality

d. analyzing the situation to prevent the same problems arising again

9. How do you make decisions?

a. using logic to analyze the facts

b. it usually comes down to my personal values

10. Which of the following would you choose if your employer wanted to reward you?

a. a promotion

b. a formal award ceremony

c. a party for everyone

d. a weekend away

11. Complete this statement. Socializing with strangers:

a. is stimulating

b. is fun

c. is hard work

d. I don’t have time, I am too busy.

12. Which of the following do you prefer when relaxing?

a. spend time alone

b. spend time out with friends

13. Which of the following describes your workspace?

a. messy but I know where everything is

b. simple with a few personal photos

c. bright, happy and fun

d. always neat and tidy

14. Which of the following is more important to you?

a. financial gain

b. career satisfaction

15. How do you respond to negative criticism?

a. I do not mind as long as it is constructive

b. I think about it to assess whether it is valid.

c. I look at it as a lesson to learn from.

d. I really do not like it as it makes me feel bad.

Test Taking Tips

Now you see how simple it is to answer these questions there is no reason why you should not get started analyzing yourself. You are never too old to change your career or to take free personality career test.

Here are some tips to remember when taking your test:

• Not all tests are created equal so not all are accurate – take the results with a grain of salt and apply it to your own knowledge of yourself.

• Be confident and relaxed.

• Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

If you are floundering, trying make decisions about your career, take the next step to understanding yourself and how to change your life.

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