What are Multiple Intelligence Tests?

By taking multiple intelligence tests, you get a good idea about what you are good at and the careers you are most suited to. It also helps you to understand that you have a cross section of natural abilities. There are all types of intelligence tests that measure everything from spatial intelligence to interpersonal intelligence that analyze where your strengths lie. This may surprise you, but we all have natural abilities in many areas of multiple intelligence test. You need to take all types of intelligence tests so you can collate the results for a true picture of who you are. Which of the following tests have you completed? Where do you fit in? Let us take a short journey.

Spatial Intelligence

Your spatial intelligence is your ability to see. If you have natural spatial ability, you predominantly think in pictures and you learn by creating pictures of the information you receive. You will enjoy watching movies, pictures and planning trips using maps.

If you have a natural aptitude for visualization, your skills may include:

• reading and writing

• understanding maps and charts

• having a good sense of direction

• painting and sketching

• designing

• interpreting visual images

• construction

• photography

• image manipulation

• repairing objects

People with a natural spatial ability are suited to work as navigators, visual artists, Landscape and interior designers, engineers, motor mechanics and architects.

Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence is an important component of multiple intelligence tests. If you have a natural aptitude for words and language, you will be a good public speaker, capable of holding a good debate. You tend to think in words, and enjoy writing and telling stories.

If your natural aptitude is for verbal intelligence, your skills may include:

• public speaking

• story telling

• holding convincing arguments

• teaching

• writing

• listening

• good recall

• linguistics

People with a natural linguistic intelligence may be lawyers, politicians, journalists, translators, writers and poets.

Logical Intelligence

If you have logical (mathematical) intelligence your natural abilities will include logic, reasoning and mathematical skills. You tend to think conceptually in a logical way using numerical patterns to analyze information, and you like to experiment and continually question the world around you.

If you are logically intelligent, your skills include:

• a love of mathematics and its complexities

• problem solving

• an innate curiosity

• analyzing data and information

• classifying and categorizing information

Scientists, accountants, researchers, mathematicians, computer programmers and scientists are all professions that use logical intelligence.

Musical Intelligence

If you have a love of music and a talent for producing it, it is likely you have natural musical intelligence. You may be someone who tends to think in sounds and patterns. You may automatically respond to music when you hear it; whether to criticize or enjoy it.

If you have natural musical intelligence, your skills may include:

• singing

• playing music

• composing music

• remembering songs

• recognizing tonal patterns

• understanding the rhythm

Likely career paths are as a musician, composer, singer, and disc jockey.

Kinesthetic Intelligence

If you have a natural ability to skilfully handle physical things and to control your body, you may have a natural kinesthetic intelligence. If you express yourself through movement, have a good sense of balance along with hand-eye coordination (football, gymnastics) it is likely you are naturally talented in this area. You will interact with whatever is around you to remember and disseminate information. By taking multiple intelligence tests you can explore this inbuilt talent. If you have natural kinesthetic intelligence, your skills may include:

• sports

• physical coordination

• emotional expression using your body

• acting

• crafts

• dancing

• miming

• using your hands for creative expressionPeople with these natural abilities tend to follow careers as dancers, athletes, fire-fighters, gym teachers, and actors.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Do you have a natural ability to relate to and understand the people around you? Do you see things from someone else’s point of view? Do you find yourself sensing how others are feeling and their needs? Are you a good organizer and try to always keep the peace? You probably use nonverbal (for example, eye contact) and verbal language to communicate with others.

If you have natural interpersonal intelligence, your skills may include:

• counselling

• communication

• listening

• empathy

• seeing things from other perspectives

• tuning into other people’s moods and needs

People with natural interpersonal intelligence are often politicians, business people counsellors and sales people.By recognizing your strengths and natural abilities, you can use multiple intelligence tests to help you make well thought out career choices.

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