Multiple Intelligence Quiz

A multiple intelligence quiz is not something you may remember but it is definitely a test you have taken in your academic life. Designed to assess and understand the mental abilities of a person, this test or quiz was developed based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory. This theory claims that a person’s intellectual abilities are not limited to only one type of intelligence. Essentially, the theory suggests that there are seven basic types of intelligence and this is what this quiz measures.

The Purpose of the Test

For many years, teachers and tutors pushed children to their limits. You may have experienced this in your own life back when you were a kid. Teachers expected their students to perform at the same level and used the same approach in teaching the kids. Now, the multiple intelligence quiz helps teachers determine a child’s level of intelligence. Consequentally, the approach for teaching the children will also change and therefore becomes more effective. If you understand your child’s ability and mental capacity, you will make your teaching style effective and therefore expect their learning process more fruitful. If a child’s multiple intelligence quiz showed that he has a high mental ability in terms of words, you might change your teaching strategy to use more verbal queues or provide more written instructions.

As mentioned earlier, there are seven types of intelligence that you can measure. These are: Linguistic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Logical, Spatial, and Kinaesthetic. If the child shows that he has high logical intelligence, it is wise to challenge the child to present the subject or lecture in the form of problems that he can attempt to solve. For adults like you, a multiple intelligence quiz is designed to help you understand yourself better so you can make better decisions and choices, especially in terms of your career.

The Principles of the Test

Gardner’s theory asserts that a person’s intelligence is related to the entirety of his human nature. This means that the result of your multiple intelligence quiz is an indication of you are likely to react on things, how aware you are, how you assess situations, and ultimately how you will decide.

Another principle of the multiple intelligence theory is that people have an absolute preference to learning styles. This is important as far as your career is concerned since your working style is determined by this intelligence. The result of the multiple intelligence quiz in the adult world determines a person’s natural strengths. Once you get the result of your own assessment, you should be able to understand yourself better and determine what kind of job is best fit for you. In relation to that, you will be able to identify the actual process of learning that will be most beneficial for you.

The Proposal of the Test

Yes, the result of the multiple intelligence quiz will propose something to you and this information is pivotal for your career choice. Too often, people choose their careers because it is the current fad or it is because it is what their parents want them to undertake. By taking the quiz, you can make better decisions because you are investing on your mental strength. Below is a simple list of recommended career choices for every type of intelligence where you show strength.


You can choose to be a librarian, novelist, curator, orator, radio jock, or journalist.


With this type of intelligence, you can be a great engineer, urban planner, driver, decorator, pilot, or photographer.


This type of intelligence means you are very good in math. In this regard, you will be highly successful in careers like math professor, accountant, statistician, analyst, or auditor.


Well, you do not have to be a singer but you can be a great pianist, music coach, composer, or choir director.


This is also called bodily intelligence, a type of intelligence in which the motor movements are very graceful. This also entails you understand body movements, joints, and anything that has movement. You can be successful in the field of dancing, gymnastics, and physical therapy.

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal

You will do a great job being a counselor, manager,psychologist, or public relations officer.

You might say that a career is purely a personal choice. That is true. However, taking the multiple intelligence assessment will significantly help you realize what your brain can do and this can lead you to greater heights of success.

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