Equine Jobs to Build a Career On

Finding equine jobs may be difficult and concentrated only in rural areas where there are huge fields for the horses to run. However, any city with a racetrack is a good sign. The ultimate question is: what job? There are so many jobs to choose from such as being a jockey, a trainer, a groom, or even being a veterinarian. There is nothing better than working with the things that you love such as animals. Working with horses though is probably one of the best. They are big and exciting. And when they win, you will surely feel victorious too, even if you are not the jockey. In this article, we will explore the many equine jobs that will offer you career possibilities. Enjoy the ride!

The Horse Trainer

Essentially, this is one of the most in demand equine jobs as far as horse racing is concerned. It is actually considered a glamour job. As a trainer, you are basically responsible for creating a diet and training program for the horse. It is also your duty to hire the grooms, the jockeys, and even the blacksmiths who create the horseshoes. Before you become a horse trainer, you need to have a deep understanding of horses, their anatomy, feeding habits, physiology, and health. It is your job to make sure that the horse is in its top condition to race all the time. The horse trainer is also responsible for finding the right races for the horse. You are going to schedule the training and running sessions of the horse. This means that this job is a top job in the horse racing industry.

The Jockey

If you want cool equine job, then be a jockey. As a horse jockey, you are responsible for winning the race. This is the most dangerous of all equine jobs because you are risking your life in every ride. To be a jockey, you need to have a thorough understanding of a horse. You need to be in unison with your horse and communicate with it to maximize the ride.

To become a jockey, you need to be small and you must not weight much. In fact, it is better if you weigh lighter so the horse will not have difficulties during the ride. Being a jockey requires hours and hours of practice and getting to know the horse, being careful enough not to overdo it or the horse will experience severe fatigue or even get injured. It is your responsibility to communicate your observations to the horse trainer so he can take immediate action.

The Exercise Rider

Well, this is not really as glamorous as being a jockey or horse trainer but this is a very important role. Basically, your job is to ride the horse everyday for its exercise. However, you are only allowed to run the horse for a certain period of time and at a maximum speed. What you want to do is to train the horse command that will make it respond to its jockey when the high time for racing comes. This means you are conditioning the horse in the race track. You need to take it to the gates, walk it to the track, warm it up a little bit, and measure its fitness and readiness for running long miles. It is your job to report anything abnormal to the horse trainer right away.

The Stable Hand

Just like the exercise rider, the stable hand does not really belong to the glamour equine jobs. As a groom, you are required to keep the horses’ stalls clean and in top condition. Not only does this ensure that the horses do not become agitated, it prevents diseases as well. It is your job to groom the horse so you need to take the horses out to brush them, bathe them, and walk them around the barn. You should report your observations to the trainer in case the horse is lame, refuses to be groomed, or does not want to eat. You need to replenish the water and food as well. As a stable hand, you need take care of the horse’s physical well-being and make sure it lives in an acceptable environment.

Now that you have the top four jobs or careers in the horse racing industry, all you have to do is to make a choice. Definitely, you need to start low in terms of position if you are not an expert yet. It will take years of practice and expertise before you become a horse trainer. But at least, you are working a job that you love.

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