Careers in Meteorology: More Than Just A Weatherman

Careers in meteorology don’t limit to the study of weather and weather forecasting. The meteorologists study current and future weather conditions. But the first thing about meteorology that may come to your mind is the weatherman on TV. In reality, only a few of the weathermen on TV actually are meteorologists. But more and more weatherman are actually becoming meteorologists these days. A lot of them just report the weather. So, if you are interested in studying the weather and playing an important role in keeping the public aware of impending weather disasters then Careers in Meteorology is definitely for you. Did you know that there is more than one career in meteorology? Well, read on and I will share the different ways that you be a meteorologist.

Careers in Meteorology: A Variety Of Fields

There are a variety of ways that you can have a career in meteorology. Actually there are many fields that are related to meteorology, which you may go into with a degree in meteorology. Along with several specialties inside of meteorology that you can go into. The specialties inside careers in meteorology are things like climatology, micro-meteorology, cloud physics, cloud electrification, synoptic meteorology, mesoscale meteorology and many others. But having told you about all of these, there are basically three different types of meteorologists.

There is research, basic and applied. This career in meteorology deals with the meteorologist that actually goes out and studies the weather and the different affects that it has on the land, on people and the environment. As this type of meteorologist, you will actually collecting information and data, analyzing it, along with plotting the weather.

Then there is operational, forecasting. As this type of meteorologist, you will actually reporting your findings, either on the news or the newspapers, somewhere where you are reported the weather conditions.

Careers in Meteorology: Teaching/Consulting

And the third basic type of meteorologist is the one who is in teaching/consulting. This can range from being an instructor in high school or a college and teaching meteorology to being a consultant for different places like the armed services or the government, such as The National Severe Storms Laboratory. Your job will be to be a consultant on weather conditions in a certain area. This job can actually save lives. Because you will check the weather before a certain plan is carried out, this way people do not run into unexpected weather.

Let me talk about just a couple specialties in careers of meteorology. How about being a forensic meteorologist? As a forensic meteorologist your job will be to collect interpret, analyze atmospheric data. This will be done to support fraudulent insurance claims, civil and criminal trials and also environmental regulatory actions. In this job you may just be a consultant or you may actually be called to testify.

Another careers in meteorology is called industrial forecasting. In this career, your job will be to be a consultant for different places. For example a baseball team may hire you to predict the weather so that they will know where to put tarps. An electrical company may hire you to predict when they will need to buy extra electricity for a surge of hot weather or cold weather. This is just a few of different careers in meteorology.


So now that you have decided that you want a career in meteorology, how much education where you need? Most meteorologists have at least a four-year bachelors degree. Many also have graduate level masters and doctorates. And are highly trained in computer related skills. So now you know what it takes to have a career in meteorology. So if you are interested, do not waste another day, get busy and enjoy a satisfying career in meteorology.

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