Accounting and Auditing Careers: The Number Careers

The main focus of a person in accounting and auditing careers is to make sure that businesses maximize production, pay taxes correctly and keep public records. In doing this you may be keeping accounts for governments, administrations and the public. As an accountant you may review, draft and authentic documents containing financial information for clients. There are many different accounting and auditing careers that you can go into. We will share a few of them in this article, so if you are interested, please read on.

Array of Number Careers

There are an array of different careers that you can go into with the accounting and auditing. One of the careers is to be a public accountant. As a public accountant you will work for a large range of people including governments, businesses, the public and nonprofit organizations. As a public accountant you can either work in a private firm (independently) or as a member for an accounting firm. You can be doing a range of things from helping people with their taxes, to accounting. You may also work on auditing.

Forensic accounting is another branch of the accounting. As a forensic accountant you will be dealing with things like criminal activities i.e. fraud, embezzlement, legal disputes, money laundering and bankruptcies. As a forensic accountant you will work with law enforcements officers and attorneys and you also will have to go to court and serve as an expert witness. You will still be able to provide services in taxation and consult with your own firm.

Another accounting career would be a managing accountant. As a managing accountant you will provide services in reporting and analyzing financial data for their corporation. A management accountant is also called a private, corporate, industrial or costs accountants. You may work in accounting departments, where you may be involved in strategic planning, budgeting and expenditures or analysis.

Government Accountants

Government accountants are another career in accounting and auditing careers. As a government accountant you will work for government agencies, either at a federal, state or local levels or for corporations or individuals who are regulated by the government. If you work directly with the government you will ensure that income and spending are appropriate and legal.

Another branch of accounting and auditing careers is an internal accountant. If you are this kind of an accountant, you will be working for businesses or organizations. This kind of an accountant is becoming very important more and more. As this kind of an accountant, you will check your corporation’s records to ensure that they are correct and look for problems in such things as inefficiency or criminal activities.

This is an ever growing field of careers, but it is a very competitive field. There is education that is needed in the accounting and auditing careers.

Education and Starting Pay

Almost all of the accounting and auditing careers demand at least a bachelor’s degree. The government will require you to have a four year degree, with a twenty four credit hours of accounting for entry level positions. Some of the accountant careers will ask for up to 150 credit hours. For some of the careers you will have to take an American Institute of Certified Public Accounts exam that is called the Uniform CPA Examination. This exam will take you two days to complete and has four parts.

The range of income that accountants make in a year is between 30,000- 83,000 U.S dollars. This will depend on what kind of an accountant that you are going to be and how much schooling that you have.

So if this all sounds good to you and you enjoy working with numbers then this is the career for you.

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