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There are literally hundreds of career placement tests online and, more and more, people are taking them to get a better insight into themselves. Career placement test is quick and easy to complete and help you see what your strength and weaknesses are in your knowledge, skills and personal qualities so you can succeed in careers that interest you. For success and happiness in your working life, and in the rest of your life, it is important to match your interests and natural talents with a career.

These tests ask questions about how you work, how you communicate and interact with people, and your interests. Always answer the questions openly and honestly as no-one is going to judge you. Remember, usually the first answer that comes into your mind is the right one for you.

Instead of wandering around in circles when trying to make decisions about your career, take this test which is a guide to help you avoid wasting time and money in a career that makes you unhappy.

Remember these tests do not have any guarantees but they are a good tool for you to use to explore your career options.

How to use the Tests to your Advantage

Take as many career placement tests as possible and select the careers that interest you most to investigate further. Career placements tests equip you to:

• Measure your answers to find your natural talents and strengths and then match them up with suitable career choices.

• Understand how to assess yourself and set career goals.

• Use tips to help you get part-time, freelance, and volunteer work or an apprenticeship to get experience in the career that interests you.

• Learn valuable job hunting skills that help you in all sorts of ways, from how to write your resume to how to perform in an interview.

• Identify any training you need for your chosen career.

• Understand how to manage changing your career.

Sample Career Placement Test Questions

When reading the following questions, imagine you are going to work for a new company as a troubleshooter. You have no set tasks but are asked what you prefer to do in each situation. You will get the same pay and benefits no matter what job you do, and you are to choose based on which job appeals to you most. Do not worry if you do not have the skills.

From the following choose one that most appeals to you and one that appeals to you the least.

1. You are asked to work on a team that is bidding for a large project. Which of the following would you least and most like to do?

a. write the bid

b. project manage the bid process

c. make sure everyone has what they need

d. convince management to see the value of the bid and invest more in the budget

e. analyze what is needed

f. cost the bid

2. The first bid was rejected and the company is asked to resubmit the bid before the closing date. Which of the following would you most and least like to do?

a. meet with angry management people to explain the rejection

b. rewrite the bid using new data

c. write a report for company records and lessons learned

d. analyze why the bid was rejected

e. work on resubmitting the bid

f. work on costing the bid

3. The second bid is successful and now it is time to persuade management about the process to proceed. Your team is to make a presentation. Which of the following would you most and least like to do:

a. setup the room for the presentation

b. look after management when they arrive and make sure they are at ease

c. make sure there are working examples of your plans to demonstrate it is the best way forward

d. give the presentation to the management team

e. design the presentation

f. manage the invitations to the presentation and ensure that everyone has any reports or data prior to the presentation

So let Start taking career placement tests now to learn more about yourself and to change your life for the better.

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