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Whether you are still studying or an adult already out in the work force, taking a career interest test helps you narrow down the best career choices for you. This test assesses what career paths best suit your interests, aptitude, IQ, personality and other parts of your character. The results can be a guide to show you what you need to do to achieve the career of your choice. Always investigate any options further before choosing the career path you want to follow.

What is a Career Interest Test?

Career interest tests help you match your interests and abilities to different careers. It is an effective tool in the first stage of career planning or if you want to change your job. These tests uncover hidden possibilities and give you insight into your experience, the tasks you enjoy and what further education you may need to pursue.

Knowing this about yourself can help you avoid making costly mistakes; both financially and emotionally. Being happy in your career is really important as it helps to boost your self-confidence and sense of self worth.

There are many free career tests online you can use as guide but it is always advisable to get further input from a careers adviser to help you plan the pathway to your chosen career.

Types of Tests

There are all sorts of career interest tests that provide you different definitions depending on the purpose of the test. If you are looking into your future, here are some of the tests you can take:

Aptitude Tests: An aptitude test measures your natural talents and learning potential for a certain set of tasks or work ability.

IQ Tests: IQ tests measure your intelligence and ability to learn, problem solve, reason, use language, and think under pressure.

Personality Tests: Personality tests measure your feelings, thoughts and your typical behavior patterns.

Education Tests: An education test can help you decide whether you need further education to follow your chosen career path.

Interest Tests: Interest tests measure your aptitude for different careers to help you choose or change your career.

Satisfaction Tests: Take a satisfaction test to measure how satisfied you are in your current job.

Entrepreneur Tests: Entrepreneur tests measure how your personality measures up against successful entrepreneurs.

Why take This Test

Taking career interest tests give you a competitive advantage and also give you a definitive goal to aim for. Once you have completed some assessments you know you are pursuing a job that will make you happy and give you satisfaction for many years.

Who should take a Career Interest Test?

Anyone at all can take a career interest test.

If you are still at school, this test can help you map out your future and help you decide whether to pursue higher education. It can help you to make good decisions while you are in high school about the type of skills you need to pursue your chosen career. You can start working towards those skills, especially if you need prerequisites as a minimum for university study. For example, if your interest is in becoming a nurse then you want to pursue mathematical and English subjects, while at high school, that will help you pass your entrance exam.

Maybe you are already in the work force and are unhappy with your job or just want a change. This career test can help you assess your skills and life experience and match you up to possible careers you may never have thought of before. It also helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and how you have a huge range of choices if you want to change direction.

A Greater Sense of Purpose

Once you identify your career path you can explore the job possibilities and investigate what other skills you need, or how to strengthen your weaknesses. Such type of tests can make you feel a greater sense of purpose to:

• Identify learning paths.

• Talk to people with skills in your field of interest.

• Read job descriptions to learn what skills and competencies they require.

• Look at future opportunities within the field.

• Investigate what a typical work environment is for the career you are interested in.

• Check out all the jobs related to the career path of interest.

• Review the wages and benefit structures.

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