Test and Your Character

Do you know which of the Simpsons you are? If you take the Simpsons Personality test, you will find out who you are among the dozens of characters in the longest animation series in the world.

The Simpsons Personality test should not be confused with a real test. The test is designed to simply compare your personality with the characters of the Simpsons. The Simpsons is one of the longest running cartoon animations in the world, created by Matt Groening in 1989, and it is focused on a family of five that have quirky but adorable characteristics. The main characters, as we will discuss below, are Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Bart. Many personality tests you find online just like the Simpsons Personality tests are made for fun. These tests are also loosely based on the principles of the Myers-Briggs personality test. However, these tests do not represent reality. They only compare you to popular characters in television.

Bart Simpson

Bart is the son of Homer and Marge Simpson characterized as a punk rocker. He constantly fights with his sister and incites his father’s rage. He is very rebellious and this will also be your most likely verdict in the Simpsons Personality test if you share the same trait. Bart has a serious disrespect for authority and was often referred to as the modern Tom Sawyer. Bart is also a disruptive student in his community, often executing experiments that result to disaster. He is an underachiever and yet does not seem bothered about it. In fact, Bart is proud to be an underachiever. If you will do an analysis of his behavior, Bart has an Attention Deficit Disorder. He is selfish and shallow but has high integrity

Lisa Simpson

Lisa is the first daughter of Homer and Marge and she is always in fights with her brother Bart. She is a talented musician and a performer in school. She is very studious and she cannot wait for college where she has grandiose dreams of achievement and fulfillment. She is eight years old but can understand 14th grade academics. Lisa loves playing the saxophone and is a vegetarian. In the Simpsons personality test, you are likely to be tagged as Lisa if you have high passion over things and if you care for animals. Lisa does not lie and has strong emotions about making things right. She is a perfectionist in nature and ensures that all her tasks or objectives are fully met. Lisa is an achiever in school and is hungry for love.

Marge Simpson

Marge is a loving mother and homemaker. She adores all her children and understands the mistakes that her husband does. She has a strong relationship with her sisters and keeps secrets to herself. She is the glue that holds family together and she is always there for her family when needed. She will go to great lengths to save her marriage but there were several occurrences in which she was seduced or tempted to run away with another person. She is an activist and joins causes that will benefit the community and women as well. In the Simpsons Personality test, you are likely to be tagged as Marge if you are a happy person that takes challenges in stride. If your character shows strength and resolution, you are likely to share the same characteristics with Marge.

Homer Simpson

The last in our list is Homer, the father of the three and husband to Marge. Homer is a loser who has a self-esteem issue and dislikes his boss. He is depicted as lazy and depends too much on his wife and argues a lot with his son Bart. He has frequent bouts of stupidity and has a very short temper. Like his son Bart, he is not so smart and he displays negligence towards work. He is obese and he is very impulsive.

In the Simpsons Personality test, you are likely to be tagged as Homer if you are temperamental and if you show apathy towards things in life or things around you. You are also like homer if you do not care about your job or if you are too dependent on the people who care for you. Homer is also envious of his neighbors and wants to have what they do. Overall, though, Homer is not a bad guy. The many mishaps that happen in his life are brought about by his impulsiveness and not by malice.

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