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Taking a test should not be a nervous experience because this will help you understand your own strengths and weaknesses. A great test to take is the Kaufman brief intelligence test. It has been around for decades and still remains one of the most reliable tests as far as intelligence is concerned.

What the Kaufman brief intelligence test measures are two types of intelligences: crystallized and fluid. Fluid intelligence refers to your ability to solve issues and problems. This is comparable to logical intelligence and in Kaufman’s theory, this intelligence is natural. Crystallized intelligence refers to intelligence that is passed on through education, culture, and other means that we acquire as we grow up. In this article, we will try to understand the entirety of the Kaufman test and why it is important for your career.

Test Basics

The Kaufman brief intelligence test was developed under the premise that intelligence is always changing and that it is never constant. This means that the test measures your intelligence, old or new, up to the time that you are actually taking the test. Other than that, it also measures changes in intelligence that happens to adults that may need a different assessment. Technically, one can use this test for people at least four years of age.

The test is heavily based on the theory that adolescents can perform better intellectually and use information better than children and adults. This is why the test focuses on general fluid intelligence and general crystallized intelligence.

Test Components

A Kaufman brief intelligence testkit will have essentially two sets: the core battery and expanded battery. The former is made of tests measuring fluid and crystallized intelligence. The expanded test contains the core test but has more sub-tests. The entire core test measures the following fluid intelligence:

• Rules of secrecy

• Short term and long term memory

• Thinking chronologically

• Logical thinking

In addition, it also measure the following crystallized intelligence.

• Definitions and descriptions

• Comprehension through hearing

• Language assessment

• Assessing double meanings

If you will have the expanded test, you should also expect the following to appear:

• Memory of block positions

• Visual dispensation

• Identification of popular individuals

• Ability to recall both through auditory and visual means

Test Process

During the facilitation of the Kaufman brief intelligence test, you will be given several scores. These scores are raw, scaled, and IQ scores. Your raw scores will be scaled and then compared to other examinees. The IQ scores are calculated separately for both fluid and crystallized intelligence.

Rules are applied during the test. There are subtests that will require facilitators to discontinue the test because it is timed. This means that the administrator should be properly trained to administer the test. Just like any other psychometric test, there is a standard number of test takers, a proctor, and an administrator during the facilitation.

Test Benefits

The Kaufman brief intelligence test is the best known for measuring verbal and non-verbal intelligence in as short as 20 minutes. What it does is to provide you a quick reference of how you are doing intellectually. It is a test that measures anyone between 4-90 years of age. This means that it is highly applicable in almost all practical situations and is practically limitless.

Developments of the test improved its ability to measure expressive vocabulary, receptive vocabulary. The design was also changed to make the exam more appealing to children.The test has also proven to be reliable and consistent. The scores, even when the test is taken again, it provides reliable results that increases its validity. It is fairly applied in several cultural settings and the tests are normed independently.

As far as variety is concerned, the Kaufman brief intelligence test may be presented in written and oral form. This will allow you to choose the manner of delivery of testing. In terms of your career, the Kaufman test lets employers know your IQ in both your crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence.

Some jobs would require higher aptitude for fluid intelligence, especially those that require a high level of mathematical or logical intelligence. Once you take the Kaufman test you should be to determine your strengths and enrich these strengths. It will significantly help you find your niche and develop your abilities to a specific job that is highly related to your interests. If the job requires crystallized intelligence, or intelligence that is acquired, then you should only pursue these careers of the results of your test showed that you scored high on Kaufman’s crystallized test.

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