Can make you a Perfectionist

Intrapersonal intelligence describes people who have a high level of self-awareness and tend to be introverted. This is in stark contrast to people with good interpersonal intelligence who are extroverted and brilliant at facilitating communication.Those with a high intrapersonal intelligence prefer to work at their own and are very clear about what they need in most situations. They have an in-depth understanding of themselves and see a clear cut path into their future. While these people may be introverted, it does not mean they are not motivated. People with high intrapersonal intelligence are highly motivated and work well as individuals, but they do need to take care that they do not become perfectionists.

This type of intelligence is easily spotted in children who are overly self-reflective. You can help these children with their interpersonal intelligence by encouraging them to get out and work in team environments, such as sport or any other type of activity, to help them experience the world and learn a wider range of skills. In today’s world, it is all too easy for children to retreat into a world of their own with the help of digital technology and computer wizardry.

Negative Face of Intrapersonal Intelligence

The danger intrapersonal intelligence poses to people is that they may become reclusive from the world, if not careful. This is not because they do not like the world, or feel comfortable in it, but because they get the most satisfaction from their own work and thoughts. If you know someone like this, or this sounds like you, get them out and about so they can see and learn a wide range of opinions and goals can enrich their lives.

Learning disabilities, such as autism, are often associated with this type of intelligence. People with autism often cannot distinguish their environment from themselves which is connected to a lack of interpersonal intelligence. It would be wise to remember, though, there are many people with high intrapersonal intelligence that do not have learning disabilities.

Intrapersonal Intelligence Characteristics

If you have a high intrapersonal intelligence you tend to be self-reflective, capable of understanding your true goals, motivations, and feelings, are intuitive, and tend to be an introvert. You learn best when left to work independently. Common characteristics of intrapersonal intelligence include:

• introverted

• perfectionist

• enjoy keeping a diary

• prefer to work alone

• philosophical

• deep understanding of self

• fierce independence

• enjoys learning about themselves

• meditative

Tips for Developing Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence is important as it gives you the ability to reflect on your innermost feelings and gives you a strong base to learn from past situations. If you want to develop your intrapersonal intelligence try some of the following:

• meditate or take time out alone every day to spend time with your thoughts

• see a therapist or counselor to find out more about yourself

• study philosophy and different schools of thought

• keep a diary by your bed to record your dreams and analyze them

• have a quiet, special place at home to spend time in on self-reflection

• do a course that helps you explore your potential

• keep a journal and write about your thoughts, hopes, dreams, feelings, and experiences daily

• create a special ritual that makes you feel good about yourself that you can do whenever you like

• write an autobiography

• set yourself long and short-term goals, do something special every time you reach a milestone

• ready biographies of famous people who made a true impact on the world

• create a personal, self-development plan

• boost your self-esteem by focusing on the positive rather than the negative

• put strategies in places to counteract stress

• practice yoga

In this day and age of computer technology, so many people’s knowledge of themselves is limited. If you do not have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of yourself, you make poor choices or cannot reach or develop attainable goals.If you never, or rarely, spend time in self-reflection there is little chance of you knowing your true self, let alone of creating a successful happy life.

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