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A GRE is similar to standard IQ tests in that it measures your general intelligence and ability. GRE’s vocabulary section is one of the most important sections as it is the best way to measure your ability and knowledge. When you study for the GRE, use a GRE sample test to help test and widen your vocabulary for good results.Most universities require you to sit the GRE for entrance and you need to score well on both the vocabulary and quantitative sections of the exam.

Many people spend many hours preparing for the GRE using GRE sample tests. Here are some tips to help you find useful tests:

Repetition: Repetition is an excellent learning technique and good GRE sample tests will have a lot of exercises that repeatedly have you remember and repeat words using word lists, meaning comparisons, and flash cards. This can be time consuming and should be combined with other learning strategies.

Elaboration: A good GRE sample test will use elaboration as a learning technique by using synonyms and antonyms in a variety of word use exercises. This will help you remember and understand the meanings and usage of words better and can boost your knowledge retention quickly.

Tracking: Choose a GRE sample test that has a tracking feature so you can progressively monitor your progress. Time is of the essence and tracking will give you confidence in what you know and help identify where your knowledge needs a boost.

There are many good GRE sample tests available so take as many as you can to boost your knowledge and keep working on any weak areas. The more sample tests you take, the more confident you will become as you become familiar with the GRE and its intention. Achieving a high score on your GRE is easy if you are well prepared.

What to Expect on the Test

The GRE is comprehensive and extensively covers your verbal and quantitative skills. A good GRE sample test will cover the following areas:

Verbal Reasoning

• Analogies

• Antonyms

• Sentence Completion

• Reading Comprehension

Quantitative Reasoning

• Quantitative Comparison

• Problem Solving

• Data Interpretation

Analytical Writing

• Issue Task

• Argument Task

Sample GRE Test Questions

Here are some sample questions from a few of the categories to give you an idea of what to expect:

Verbal Reasoning – Analogy: Which of the following are most closely related to Sound/Waves

a. Noise/Waves

b. Color/Spectrum

c. Sound/Range

d. Sight/Hearing

e. Visual/Sound

Verbal Reasoning – Antonyms: Which of the following are closest in meaning to Undermine:

a. Bolster

b. Emasculate

c. Augment

d. Strengthen

e. Quit

Verbal Reasoning – Sentence Completion: Which of the following words complete this sentence, “As the tour group … through Europe, they … many historic places.

a. Wandered/Saw

b. Went/Visited

c. Travelled/Visited

d. Travelled/Stayed In

e. Visited/Travelled

Verbal Reasoning – Reading Comprehension: You will be given a long paragraph to read and you will then have to answer complex questions to demonstrate how you understood what you read.

Quantitative Reasoning – Quantitative Reasoning: Which of the following is a greater amount? (-15)2 or (15)3

a. (-15)2

b. they are equal

c. it cannot be determined from the provided information

d. (15)3

Quantitative Reasoning – Problem Solving: If x and y have an average of 30, and z=5, what is the average of x, y, and z combined.

a. 22½

b. 17

c. 6

d. 23

e. 25

Quantitative Reasoning – Data Interpretation: Which of the following businesses had the highest profit from this list of percentage growth? Company A – 17 percent, Company B – 33 percent, Company C – 47 percent, Company D – 3 percent, Company E – 0 percent.

a. Company B

b. Company C

c. Company E

d. Company A

e. There is not enough information to make a determination.

Analytical Writing – Issue Task: You will be asked to write about your point of view, using logic and argument to support your views. Here is an example of the topics you may encounter to write about:

1. “Many problems of modern society cannot be solved by laws and the legal system because moral behavior cannot be legislated.”

2. “It is a grave mistake to theorize before one has data.”

3. “Conformity almost always leads to a deadening of individual creativity and energy.”

Analytical Writing – Argument Task: You will be given a list of arguments and you will require to discuss how well reasoned the argument is.

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