What is IQ Genius Level?

Is it better to have an IQ genius level and be the smartest person around? Or is it better to have a happy, well-balanced life and an average intelligence level? Your IQ measures just how intelligent, or smart, you are while your emotional intelligence (EQ) measures how you react to what goes on around you.

If you are a member of a team in a workplace you all need a high level of EQ to get on and work together successfully. No matter how smart all the team members are, if they all do not have a high level of emotional intelligence, no matter what IQ genius level you are you will have little chance of achieving successful outcomes as a team.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Being highly intelligent is only of much use to you when you use it in conjunction with your emotional intelligence. It is all about thinking before you act. An emotionally intelligent person understands consequences of their actions, how their actions affect those around them. They are considerate of other people’s feelings, have self control, and understand everyone is different with different opinions.

Emotionally intelligence is shown in their ability to let people live their own lives without judgment and do not look at who is getting special treatment or getting more than them. They respect their team members and leaders and get on with the job at hand.

IQ Genius Levels in a Team

A team member with an IQ genius level can upset the whole equilibrium among the team if they are not emotionally intelligent as well. If there are a lot of conflicts in your team it could be there is a lack of emotional intelligence being demonstrated.

It is all well and good to an IQ genius level but unless you are emotionally balanced along with that then you are likely to be little better off than someone with learning difficulties. If your team is so smart that it forgets how to behave with each other you need to plan to change the team dynamic.

Do not approach it head on but start by explaining the difference between EQ and IQ to the team. Get the team on board and ask them about times when good EQ was displayed among the team. Ask them to think about times when their own reactions were less than desirable when working under stress.

Challenge your team to write down all the instances of good EQ displayed among the team to read out at the next team meeting. Of course, everyone will cooperate because they all want to report positive results. Once your team sees the positive outcome of displaying good emotional intelligence they will do it more because it makes them feel good.

IQ Genius Level Defined

The way intelligence quotients are measured for children and adults differ in that there is no upper limit for children, whereas in adults with scores above 200 are considered to be immeasurable. This is because of the different methods for measuring scores for children and adults.

To get a child’s IQ score their mental age is divided by their chronological, and their intelligence quotient is then multiplied by 100 and this is known as the ration quotient.For adults, the deviation IQ method is used to define the IQ genius level where the average is set at 100 and your score is measured against the statistical average for the number of correct answers in the relevant age group.

IQ Genius Levels Explained

The following helps to explain the IQ scores and who is most likely to score in the categories:

• An intelligence range of 85 to 114 means you have average cognitive abilities and junior high school students often fall into this category range.

• An intelligence range of between 115 and 124 puts you into the above average range and senior high school students often score at this level.

• An intelligence range of between 125 and 134 puts you into the gifted range and university graduates most often fall into this category.

• An intelligence range of between 135 and 144 means you are highly gifted and intellectuals usually fall into this intelligence range.

• An intelligence range of between 145 and 154 puts you into the IQ genius level and professors often score at this level.

• An intelligence range of between 155 and 164 also puts you into the IQ genius level where you will keep company with Nobel Prize winners.

• An intelligence range above 164 puts you into the truly gifted category and if your score is above 200 then your intelligence is truly immeasurable.

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