Measures Your Emotional Intelligence

Your emotional intelligence is your ability to control, evaluate and perceive emotion. An emotional IQ test measures different parts of your emotional intelligence to help you understand yourself and your motivation better.

Are you someone who has difficulty expressing your feelings? Or are you someone who wears their heart on their sleeve? Taking the emotional IQ tests help you to recognize your feelings and use them for more positive outcomes.

You need to be honest when answering questions about how you feel, think and what you really do to get a true analysis. If you are not honest in your answers, the only person you are fooling is yourself.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is how you see the world and evaluate your emotions. Some schools of thought think you can learn and strengthen your emotional intelligence while others believe it is an inherent characteristic you are born with.

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For many years emphasis has been put on measuring problem-solving, communication, spatial, and logical reasoning, and so on. While these tests do a good job of measuring academic performance, and professional and personal success, researchers saw there was a missing component. They could not work out why some people with a high IQ were not doing very well in life.

It was not until emotional intelligence came to the forefront that researchers understood that you could be highly intelligent from an academic perspective, but without a high level of emotional intelligence it is difficult to succeed.

Leading emotional intelligence researchers, Peter Salovey and John D Mayer defined emotional intelligence as the ability to understand your own and other’s emotions, and to make your own decisions based on that understanding.

Mayer and Salovey identified four distinct factors to identify emotional intelligence:

1. how you perceive emotion

2. how you manage your emotions

3. how you understand emotions

4. how you use your emotions

Example of Test

The following questions are to be rated from 1 (rarely) to 5 (most of the time).

1. I am panic when confronted.

2. When I have personal problems that is all I can focus on.

3. I never feel proud of myself no matter what I achieve.

4. I seem to worry about things nobody else worries about.

5. I am ashamed of myself.

6. If I make a mistake I tell myself I am stupid.

7. I get upset for no apparent reason.

8. Even when I am rewarded for my performance I still think I could have done better.

9. I feel uncomfortable with public displays of affection.

10. I refuse to cry no matter what.

11. When friends or family are in trouble I always know how to help.

12. I have difficulty saying, “I love you” even if I feel love.

13. I feel uncomfortable give sympathy to others.

14. I am bored.

15. I usually know what to say to help someone feel better.

16. I take pride in doing my best whether there is anyone around to see it or not.

17. I have trouble being motivated.

18. If someone is touchy-feely my first reaction is to run.

19. If my friends are sad it makes me sad too.

20. I am really good at reading how people are feeling.

Testing your Emotional Intelligence

Your intelligence gives you the ability to regulate your emotions. Think about it. Everything you do, think, feel or say is colored by your emotional state at the time or by memories of other similar situations. It is how you regulate the way you feel and react to specific situations, in combination with thinking and feeling that can make you personally successful or not.

An emotional IQ test measures how you regulate your emotions in a well balanced way. When you complete an emotional IQ test you receive a report that sets out your emotional strengths and weaknesses. Your report helps you to distance yourself from your emotions and see them in an objective manner.

Understanding your emotional intelligence means you can make improvements to help you live a happier, well-balanced life. Do you have the courage to test your emotional intelligence? If you do, then you can open many new doors in your life that will help you reach your goals.

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