The Truth About Adult Average IQ

IQ, or intelligence quotient, especially adult average IQ has been a question of debate for the longest time. There have been multiple theories and proven facts about IQ, all of which have made contributions on how we design our educational system and approach towards learning. Here, we will try to understand the adult average IQ and uncover some of its concepts, theories, and definitions.

The accepted formula in calculating IQ or intelligence quotient is through dividing person’s mental age by his chronological age and multiplying it by 100. Simply put, chronological age is your age. Mental age, however, is much more difficult to measure. This means that if your mental age, determined by the result of the test you take, is equivalent to that of a 25-year old, and your chronological age is only 20. Your IQ is 125. Your IQ is then pegged within a scale of variation of intelligences. This refers to whether you have an adult average IQ or the IQ of a genius.

It is at this point that you need to know that the formula for IQ is used only as a basis or scale. It is used as an indicator and not really as a mathematical formula. It simply indicates that if you think and possess the intelligence of a 25-year old even if you are only 20, your mentality or intelligence is five years advanced.

Understanding the IQ Scale

The IQ scale is the same in terms of the formula given above. Once you have the final number of the IQ, you need to see in the IQ scale where it belongs. Accordingly, the adult average IQ is 100. In the example given earlier, let us say that you are 25 years old instead of 20 and your mental age is 25. Twenty-five divided by 25 is equivalent to 1. Multiply it by 100 and you get 100. This means you only have an adult average IQ.

Definitely, not all people have an exact IQ of 100. This means that the IQ range of values is presented through a range. In the IQ scale the adult average IQ is any number between 90 to 115. If you get an IQ score between 115-125, you are considered as gifted. If you score between 125 to 140, you have the potential to be a genius and if you score higher than 140, you are a genius. Any IQ score less than 70 is an indication of mental retardation.

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Debunking IQ Misconceptions

IQ tests are not a measurement of the amount of knowledge you have. These tests are designed to identify and categorize your ability to understand. This means that reading and adding information in your head will not significantly boost your IQ. What matters is your ability to process this information and convert them into something meaningful.

On another note, you have to remember the fact that IQ is measured relatively in any given society. What this means is you are compared to what is considered as average or normal in your society. For example, a person in India may have an adult average IQ in terms of mathematics but is considered a genius if he has taken the test somewhere else. This is because based on the standards of India; his mathematical prowess is ordinary and is considered average. However, his so-called average intelligence may be significantly high in other countries whose citizens are not highly adept to mathematics.

Improving Your Brain Power

The development of IQ is very critical in childhood because this is the stage of human development where the cognitive development is at its peak. This, however, should not deter you to develop your brain power. Below are the top two recommendations to improve your thinking abilities and get higher than the adult average IQ.


This is a very good brain exercise that stimulates your ability to put words together to come up with something coherent. This also enhances your ability to recall memory at will. It clarifies your thoughts and improves your creativity.


This shouldn’t surprise you. Any activity that enhances the body also helps the brain function better. A great example, perhaps, is if you do aerobic exercises that will stimulate and regulate the blood flow to your brain. Oxygen delivered to your brain regularly makes your brain work easier and smoother.

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