How To Find Accurate IQ Test

An accurate IQ test is not something you just get or take online. For an IQ test to be accurate, it has to be tested for reliability and validity. This is why you should only take these tests from licensed providers. you will find out here what reliability and validity mean as far as accuracy of an IQ test is concerned.

Even for geniuses and experts, there is a variation on how they identify an accurate IQ test. There are things they need to measure such as reliability and validity. Without these measurements and validity tests, there will be no standard and the results of the tests will be misleading and inconsistent.

This is why valid and reliable IQ tests are expensive. There is a huge amount of study and research done before an IQ test is officially used or revised. In addition to that, the validity and reliability will vary from one culture to another because people from different regions of the world will have different educational standards and technological advancement, both of which will affect the overall norm in a society of what is intelligent and not.

Reliability of Test

Several researchers have made a good point when their studies proved that some IQ tests are unreliable. According to the researchers, the results of a believed accurate IQ test can very up to 15 points or higher even if the same person took the test. It was decided that some factors like emotional tension and unfamiliarity with the test can significantly affect the result of the performance. In fact, the tester’s attitude and other things like clarity of instructions can render a test unreliable.

There was a study made in which 99 psychologists scored an IQ test. The results show that for the same person they scored, the scores varied between 63 117 in terms of IQ. This is alarming because if the accurate IQ test was reliable, the variance would not have been so big.

For an IQ test to be reliable, the result must show consistency for someone who is taking the test. This means that a person who took it today and got an IQ level of average should not be getting significantly lower IQ than that should he take the test again. For example, you may have scored 120 on the test today, and then 50 next time, and then 75 the third time. Results with a huge variation like this make the IQ test unreliable. An accurate IQ test is only considered reliable if the variation is small.

Validity of an IQ Test

For an accurate IQ test to be trusted, it has to be valid. This means that the measurement actually measure what it intended to measure in the first place. This also means that an IQ test can be reliable and invalid at the same time. For validity, the IQ test should be able to prove that the result of the test is really a representative of the person’s character or intellect.

There are essentially three types of validity tests that you can look up for further research. These are criterion validity, predictive validity, and content validity. A criterion validity measures the validity of a test or question that measures a specific knowledge or skill. Content validity, on the other hand, measures if the test material or questionnaires are enough to represent what is being tested. The predictive validity, however, measures the validity of the tests ability to predict your future performance as far as what the test measured. For example, will your intellect really display that you are above average as the test said?


An accurate IQ test needs to fulfill these two requirements: validity and reliability. Otherwise, the result of the IQ test is not credible and is not a good representation of the person who took the test. Scientists and statisticians are closely working on the many IQ tests available to update the content and constantly keep up with the times because what may have been considered above average 20 years ago is only rated as average today. This is in consideration of the current technological and educational advancements that we see in schools and in society in general.

This is also why many IQ tests online are not valid. Be careful when taking these tests that are not licensed because you will only end up getting the wrong results. There are so many online tests out there claiming to provide you an insight about your personality but the ultimate question is: are those tests reliable and valid?

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