What is my IQ?

“What is my IQ?” you may well ask. Have you ever wondered about how smart you are? Wondered what your IQ, or intelligence quotient is? Do you even know what it all means?

Your intelligence quotient is your ability to learn throughout your life, and employers often use this as part of their pre screening employment process to see if you have the ability to learn. Your IQ is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 on an average.How do you read what is ‘my IQ’ and what does it all mean?There are a vast array of intelligence tests online that measure your intelligence quotient and give you scores based on your answers.

What does it Mean?

Here is a brief description of different IQ levels from which you can easily judge “what is my IQ?”

An IQ below 20

When you take an intelligence test your results will put you into one of nine categories, and the lowest is 20 and below meaning you have little ability to learn. A person that scores in this category will have few life skills and need a full-time carer.

An IQ between 20 and 39

If you have an IQ in this range of between 20 and 39, you will probably need a carer as your ability to learn is very limited. You may be able to speak in basic terms using basic words and phrases, and perform some minor tasks for yourself.

An IQ between 40 and 54

If your IQ is between 40 and 54 then you are considered smarter than the previous level and likely to reach the learning level of an eight-year-old child.

An IQ between 55 and 69

An IQ level of between 55 and 79 means you should be able to read and write. At this level you are expected to learn enough to live independently but have the intelligence of an 11-year-old child.

An IQ between 70 and 79

If you are in the 70 to 79 intelligence range, while you will have learning difficulties you can live a relatively independent life and hold down employment of some sort.

An IQ between 80 and 89

An IQ level of between 80 and 89 means you have the ability to learn though maybe not as quickly as others in the same age group. You have a good level of independence without too much trouble learning what you need to know to survive.

An IQ between 90 and 109

An IQ in the 90 to 109 range is an average IQ which is what at least 50 percent of the world’s population falls into. You have the ability to learn as well as most of the rest of the population and the ability to create a good standard of living.

An IQ between 110 and 119

In the 110 to 119 IQ range you can congratulate yourself on your mental superiority to most of the rest of the population.

An IQ between 120 and 140

If your IQ is between 120 and 140 then you are in a league of your own and have superior intelligence to almost everyone else.

An IQ above 140

If your IQ is 140 or over then you are considered to be a genius and you are among the highest 2 percent of the population who can claim to be the most intelligent on earth.

How important is your IQ Level?

Your IQ score can be important for many things, especially when deciding on a career or looking for work. Are you still asking the question, “What is my IQ?” If you are, then get online and take an IQ test.

An IQ test is not about testing how smart or dumb you are. It is about ascertaining what you are capable of learning during the term of your life. This can guide you in the right direction when it comes to making decisions about your life and career.There is no point having an IQ in the genius range if you have no life knowledge or experience as you are likely to be no more successful than someone with below average intelligence. Your intelligence level is only a key to success in your life. It is all up to you. If you want to know how well you score, take an IQ test to find out

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