Ever since they thought to measure intelligence, psychologists have pondered the question of what normal IQ scores are. There are many quizzes and tests devised to measure different facets of your intelligence. It is argued whether the measurement tools are perfect or not, but these measurements are all we have available.

Do you know what your IQ score is? Do you want to know how your intelligence measures up against the rest of the nation? Is whether you have a normal IQ score or not important to you?

A normal IQ score is the average score of people’s intelligence in any age group. When taking an IQ test, your results are calculated along with the ratio of your mental age to find the normal IQ score for an adult. Most standard IQ tests have a normal IQ score of around 100.

There are other psychological tools used to measure your intelligence and even those calculate the normal IQ score for an adult at around 100, but may vary by up to 15 points. So if you score 90, you are considered to be in the normal IQ range.Some psychologists categorize the IQ scores into three categories:

1. Above Average Intelligence (110 to 119)

2. Normal IQ Scores (90 to 109)

3. Below Average Intelligence (80 to 89)

Normal IQ Scores in Relation to Age

Do not believe the claims that normal IQ score remains at 100 no matter what the age of the person or child taking the test. While these claims have some merit, they are not realistic. You cannot expect a group of adults and a group of children to have the same IQ levels when only being measured on a single test.All IQ tests are specifically designed for different age groups and the normal IQ score is all set at 100 to measure your intelligence.

Do Normal IQ Scores vary in Different Countries?

IQ tests are developed factoring in variables such as cultural background, education, sex, and age of the groups of people tested. Tests target a specific audience and tests are customized to suit the national average.

The point of normal IQ score is that it gives you a point to measure your intelligence against others in your community, country, and even the world. Keep in mind, only those considered geniuses or idiots are unusual. On the whole, the majority of the world’s population falls into the average intelligence area with their normal IQ scores.

For every test to measure your IQ, psychologists have a responsibility to measure people with the IQ based on the figure 100, this keeps it tangible and fair for people in any nation.

An Idea of Intelligence Level

Intelligence tests are not perfect, and there is a lot of room for improvement, as human beings are very complex as psychologists and psychiatrists understand how our intelligence works more every day. This then allows them to adjust and design more complex tests for more accurate scores.

So, what we have today is the best possible measurement tools using cutting edge thinking and concepts to measure your intelligence. What we have is better than being at the mercy of managers and employers’ opinions which may or may not be accurate.

To overcome and neutralize normal IQ scores, and to calculate IQ scores, psychologists express intelligence using percentile rather than numbers, for example:

• if your IQ is 115+ (IQ) it puts you 84 percentile

• if your IQ is 130+ (IQ) it puts you 97.9 percentile

• if your IQ is 140+ (IQ) it puts you 99.997 percentile

• if your IQ is 160+ (IQ) it puts you 99.99997 percentile

Percentiles vary from test to test as they also depend on other factors as well including how many people take the quiz and their age group.

While the IQ tests we currently have are not perfect, they help to give a relatively accurate indication of your IQ scores to help you, and employers, make decisions about your career.

The use of IQ tests as part of the screening process has become prevalent today to help employers to find out if you fit into the organization.

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