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You need to get some SAT practice questions if you plan on sitting your SAT. Studying for the SAT is the best way to make sure you get the scores you need for graduate school. SAT sample questions are available online and there are specialist websites that have SAT questions on all aspects of the test.

Here are some sample SAT practice questions to give you an insight into the SAT.

Questions to Identify Sentence Errors

For the following questions, select the error from the words that are underlined in the sentence.

1. These often brightly colored, fast flying insects are well known and are medium to large insects with body lengths ranging from 15-120 millimeters.

a. often

b. are

c. with

d. 15-120

e. all are correct

2. Scientists at the Institute is exploring technologies and solutions to help ensure future supplies of environmentally sound energy.a. at

b. is

c. ensure

d. sound

e. all are correct

3. In order to perform these duties the Newfoundland must be a large dog, large enough to bring ashore a drowning man.

a. in order to

b. duties the

c. be a

d. enough

e. all are correct

4. Reasons to start a club can be as simple as contributing to the University community, meeting like-minded people or to receive funding from the Student Union for club events.

a. can be as

b. to the

c. like-minded

d. or to

e. all are correct

5. Information, in its most restricted technical sense, will be an ordered sequence of symbols.

a. in its

b. restricted

c. will be

d. of

e. all are correct

Questions for Sentence Completion

Fill in the blanks with a word that best fits the sentence form the list.

1. The primary purpose of copyright is to provide an _____ for people to produce new works for the benefit of society as a whole.

a. incentive

b. idea

c. reward

d. outlet

e. opposition

2. About 550 volcanoes have ______ on Earth’s surface since recorded history; about 60 are ______ each year.

a. died/deactivated

b. erupted/active

c. burst/extinguished

d. activated/erupted

e. erupted/deactivated

3. During the summer months, twenty-nine ______ have cut back on food exports to ensure their ______ have enough to eat.

a. regions/people

b. states/country

c. countries/populations

d. companies/staff

e. councils/populations

4. Economic growth in many countries has allowed people to expand their diets, especially in China and other Southeast Asian nations.

a. decline/food

b. growth/crops

c. growth/meals

d. growth/diets

e. decline/diets

5. The Mexican government has also pledged to help offset increased food costs by increasing cash subsidies to its poorest citizens.a. people/population

b. government/population

c. citizens/people

d. people/citizens

e. government/citizens

Questions for Grid Ins

Write down the answer for each question.

1. The candy store has 200 strawberry, orange, and caramel centered chocolates. The store owner want to make up packages of 10 orange, and 5 each of the caramel and strawberry chocolates.

How many packets can the shopkeeper make from these chocolates?

2. Three partners, A, B, and C, own a holiday home together. B sold their half share to C; and B sold a third share to C. What percentage does C now own of the holiday home?

3. Two families set off on holiday, each in their own cars. The destination is 45 miles. If family A travels at 45 miles per hour and family B travels at 60 miles per hour, how much longer in minutes will it take family A to arrive at their destination than family B.

SAT Practice Questions to Improve your Algebra

1. If it takes Jenny 4 hours to clean the house, and Joanna 6 hours to clean the same house. How long will it take them if they clean the house together?

a. 4 hours, 33 minutes

b. 3 hours, 12 minutes

c. 2 hours, 24 minutes

d. 3 hours, 44 minutes

e. 4 hours, 10 minutes

2. Employees at a big department store receive an additional 25 percent discount on top of the lowest price anything they purchase. If an employee buys a big screen television for 20 percent during a sale, how much is the price if the original price was $750?

3. The discounted price of the secondhand car is $17,550, discounted by 15 percent from the original asking price. What was the original price?

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