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Your dream career may demand you to pass through a special set of screening tests. Vice versa different kinds of intelligence and aptitude career tests are designed for different careers. In either situation, you need to know job description for a specific slot and also what kind of tests you are going to face your recruitment process.

You will find both kind of information on this personal website. Whether you are looking for information on your dream career, selection criteria, capabilities required, salary information and fitness for a number of careers, you have reached the right place. This website is going to help you through related, simplified and straight to point information about your selected career.

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Iftikhar Rasul; A helpful guide for careers and career tests
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Top careers in demand
Opportunities never end. You can find a job in top careers in demand world wide. Just read and think imaginatively!

Bright Careers in Business Waiting You
There is variety of careers in business. In fact the whole world is moving towards corporate government very quickly. Read on to know the best in careers in business.

Careers in Zoology are in Variety
Careers in zoology mainly lead to the animal life related jobs and businesses. However, you need to get specific education to enjoy veracity in such careers.

Career Aptitude Test: Pointing You In The Right Direction
The career aptitude test focuses upon your analytical and abstract reasoning with reference to your verbal, numerical and spatial abilities.

Career Choice Test Helps You Make a Change
Career choice test assess your strengths and weaknesses for any career

Wonderlic Personnel Test Measures Your Intelligence
Wonderlic personnel test is highly culture based test which is most widely used psychological instrument all over the world

WAIS IQ Test :Most Popular Test
The WAIS IQ Test is one of the oldest, most reliable tests still used today

Take the Myers Briggs Test: Know your Personality
The Myers Briggs Test is a personality test that can help you plan your career

Expert Career Change Advice
The best career change advice is to have a laser like focus in your approach to job search

Theories of Intelligence
Theories of intelligence help define intelligence in a measurable way

GMAT Practice Tests
Using GMAT practice tests will give you an understanding of what to expect when you take the GMAT

Use the GRE Practice Test to Prepare
GRE practice test will give you an insight into the structure and format of the real thing

SAT Keys to Success
There are things you can do to avoid undue stress if you follow some SAT keys to success.

Get Free Resume Writing Advice
You need your resume to attract the attention of a potential employer, and you need it to stand out in the crowd so you get picked for an interview.Here is some free resume writing advice to help you

Job Interview Advice
You need job interview advice to be prepared to shine and show the employer that you are the best applicant

Find latest jobs worldwide
find latest jobs of your choice any where in the world

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Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions
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Salary Negotiation Tips
Mind that in the salary negotiation process, you do not have to accept or decline an offer right away