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Veterinary Careers: For Animal Lovers

Veterinary Careers are always good fields to get into, because like the medical field, there is always going to be a need for people to work with animals. Animals are a big part of our lives. In fact, for most people their animals are a part of their families. People treat their pets like one of their kids. So, if one of those pets gets hurt or sick then the first thing you want to do is take them to someone that can help them, thus, comes Veterinary Careers.

A Broad Field

Veterinary Careers cover a broad field of careers.

Of course there is the Veterinarian. The doctor that examines the pet and decides the correct treatment needed to help the pet. If you decide to be a veterinarian, you will be responsible for all treatment for the pet that has been brought into you for you to “fix all better”. You will examine the pet, order tests, sometimes perform these tests yourself and then prescribe what treatment is best for the pet. You may have to start IV’s on the pet. You may have to bandage them up. You may even have to set bones. There are some veterinarians that even perform surgery on the animals.

Another Veterinary Career is a veterinary assistant. You will basically be the vet’s right hand person. You will help the vet out in doing whatever they need you to do. It is possible that you will be helping in the actual care of the pet. You will assist the vet or the vet’s technician. Help clean the animals up. You will clean out cages and feed the pets. You may also need to exercise the animals. Clerical duties may also be part of your duties.

How would you like a more advanced approach to working with the animals and train to be a Veterinary Technician. As a veterinary technician, you will be responsible for gathering and recording patient information. You will also collect specimens and perform laboratory procedures. You may prepare the animals for surgery or may actually help perform the surgery. One of your other duties as a veterinary technician will be to take x-rays of the animals. You also will be responsible for supervising and training the staff.

Another Veterinary Career is a veterinary hospital manager. If you love animals but really do not want to deal with the actual hands on part of it, then this may be the job for you. As a veterinary manager you will be responsible for the business aspect of the practice. You main job will be to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently. You will handle things like hiring, budgeting and inventory, also accounting and marketing.

There are other Veterinary Careers that you can do, like being a receptionist, basically handling all the appointments and so on. There are adoption counselors, grief counselors and kennel workers. Definitely a lot of career choices for the animal lover.

College or Training

College is not needed for all Veterinary Careers. If you want to be a Veterinarian, then college is required, of course. Now, though to be a veterinary technician, you do not always have to go to school. In some places they will train you on the job, by the veterinarian or by other technicians. This sometimes, depends on what your job duties will be. There may be cases where you may need to go to college for two to four years. But you will always have to take a state certification test.

The veterinary manager needs to have a good knowledge of computers and business skills, so it would probably help to have business degree. As a veterinary assistant, you can be trained on the job. And you do not need to be state certified.

So whatever career that you choose in the veterinary field, it will definitely be a job that is easily obtainable.

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