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Learn SAT Vocabulary Words Every Day

It is nearly time to sit the SAT so you have your scores in time for your college application. You need to start practicing your SAT vocabulary words to achieve the SAT score you need. Spend at least the month before your SAT test date by learning new words and their meanings to help you earn a high score.

The best way to learn new words is to read them in context by reading the newspaper or the latest novel. When you are reading, keep the following in mind:

1. When you see an unfamiliar word, stop.

2. Write the word down.

3. Look the word up in the dictionary and write its definition down.

4. Remember what context this word was used in.

5. Keep reading and use this process for any words you do not understand.

As you read it will surprise you at how many words there are unfamiliar to you. Reading also helps you to prepare for the reading comprehension part of the SAT, which counts for a large part of your SAT scores.

Put a Plan in Place

Learning SAT vocabulary words in context is the best way to learn new words but it is not the fastest, especially if you do not have much time to read.

As part of your study for the SAT, plan out how to learn more SAT vocabulary words and set yourself out a weekly routine:

• Day 1 and 2 – Learn between 30 and 50 words each day.

• Day 3 – Take a break from learning new words and review the ones from the past few days.

• Day 4 and 5 – Learn between 30 and 50 words each day.

• Day 6 – Take a break from learning new words and review the ones from the past few days.

• Day 7 – Take the day off.

If you follow this routine for at least a few weeks before the SAT, you have a much better chance of remembering more SAT vocabulary words than reading them straight off a list.

Learn Adjectives, Nouns, and Adverbs

The SAT is very focused on vocabulary so it is important you spend a lot of time learning SAT vocabulary words and their meanings. Find as many practice tests you can.

1. Which of the following is an adverb that means with knowledge and by design:

a. cunning

b. upfront

c. aboveboard

d. knowingly

2. Which of the following is a noun that means an assumed name:

a. alias

b. false

c. pretend

d. precursor

3. Which of the following is an adjective that means occurring or acting together:

a. alone

b. teamwork

c. concurrent

d. individually

Learn the Meanings of Nouns

1. What is the meaning of the noun excellency:

a. something you say when you are happy with the outcome

b. the apex of a mountain

c. a direct command

d. an expression of respect for a person in a high position

2. What is the meaning of the noun leaflet:

a. something that falls off trees and bushes

b. a sheet of paper that contains information

c. something you file

d. a piece of jewelery

3. What is the meaning of the noun reminiscence:

a. the act of remembering the past

b. trying to see into the future

c. creating a work schedule

d. sing an assumed name

Learn Adjectives, Verbs, and Nouns

1. Which adjective means suitable food:

a. obesity

b. mandible

c. edible

d. fungus

2. Which verb means to go too far:

a. overleap

b. surpass

c. abridge

d. speed

3. Which noun means an ample or adequate supply:

a. plenty

b. sufficiently

c. abounds

d. teems

Learn new Verbs

1. Choose the correct meaning of promenade:

a. to walk for amusement

b. to exercise

c. to dance

d. to go to a dinner and show

2. Choose the correct meaning of efface:

a. correct

b. destroy

c. obliterate

d. create

3. Choose the correct meaning of consign:

a. to give

b. to take

c. to doubt

d. to entrust

Once you enter the test, do not panic. If you are well prepared, just stay calm and focus of answering all the questions you can.

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